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Vinyl Station is a medium rock band from Phoenix, AZ.

Here's a bit about us so far: 

About a minute ago, we decided to stop pretending we still have someone who writes our bios.


We have been at it since 2010 or something.


We started by gigging all the time and that was just fine. Playing music is a weird cool job. We did 394 gigs in 2012. We haven't topped that number since and don't want to.


Then we went on tour with Rob Thomas. That was really fun. Rob is nice and really good. And cute. 

We played in front of lots of people who didn't know us. They were very cool to us and we won't forget it.


We also played in front of a bunch of record label people who all passed on signing us.


We finally found a label who was willing to sign us and got some really good songs done. That felt very good and we are proud of the songs.

Things didn't work out with the label, but they were very nice. We will always love them and wish them all the best. 

We went back to playing lots of gigs. 

We started a Patreon account to make some extra money to record, makes videos, etc... You can join at 

We hope to see you at a show soon. We keep doing those because it's fun to get into each song with you like a big hot tub. 



Vinyl Station is:

Matthew Thornton (vocals/guitar)

Roy Cameron (drums)


Sturgis Waters (guitar)


Patrick Andrew (bass)

About Us


Booking: Tanner Siegfort


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